Transform Your Online Teaching

Quick Details

Number of Sessions:
Total Hours:
Tuesday evenings from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm NPT

Who it is for

  • Teachers teaching in Secondary-School and Higher-Education level, irrespective of the course they are teaching.
  • Teachers who are passionate about teaching and are willing to evolve themselves as per the need of the current context. 
  • Teachers who want to understand and adapt to the online method of teaching.

What you will learn

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Plan lessons that sync with the experiential learning cycle
  • Use various online tools and platforms for teaching online
  • Design (re-design) learning activities that keep college students curious, active, and engaged
  • Plan for ways to enhance one’s ‘teaching presence’ online
  • Transform their teaching practice through self-reflection
  • Take concrete steps towards professional and personal growth

I want to know more

Who will facilitate the course

Photo of Umes Shrestha

Umes Shrestha is the Learning Experience Designer at King’s College, Nepal. He also heads the teacher empowerment wing - Empowerment Academy. He is an M.Ed. in Teacher Development, and an M.A. in Mass Communication. A learner/practitioner of design thinking and learning frameworks, he has been designing and facilitating teacher training programs and workshops since 2016.

udgum khadka photo

Udgum Khadka is an Educational Designer and Academic Facilitator at King’s College. He teaches courses related to Marketing and Entrepreneurship to BBA and MBA students. He completed his Master’s Degree in Marketing from Oulu Business School, Oulu University, Finland. He also works at Empowerment Academy, King’s College focusing on teacher development programs and workshops.

What it is about

“The obstacle is not in the path. It is the path.”            – Zen proverb

Online teaching and learning are here to stay. Despite deep confusions and strong resistance among many educators and educational institutions, colleges are highly likely to continue to provide online education in synchronous, asynchronous, or blended format. With this, teachers who have been teaching in physical classroom settings have both challenges and opportunities ahead of them. Challenges, because teaching online requires completely different resources, mindset, and skill-set. Opportunities, because teachers can now embrace technology so that they can educate and empower more students.

The purpose of this course is to help teachers transform their current skills and beliefs, and become amazing online teachers. The course will take teachers into a deep exploration of various aspects of online pedagogy, learning frameworks, and learning science. It will also challenge the teachers’ existing beliefs and teaching philosophies and will make them question everything. 

On a concrete level, the course will help teachers learn, unlearn, and relearn to plan lessons, implement online tools, design activities, and keep students engaged in online learning.