Effective Academic Writing

Quick Details

September 20, 2020
Number of Sessions:
Total Hours:

Who it is for

  • Master’s students, and potential Master’s students
  • Undergraduate students
  • Inquisitive high school (plus 2 or equivalent) students/graduates
  • Young professionals who want to get better with academic writing

What you will learn


  • Academic and research writing, reflective writing, and referencing and citations
  • Ability to understand and evaluate rhetorical styles and purposes
  • To improve reading, presenting, analyzing, and critical thinking skills and enhance their critical and analytical reading and writing skills
  • To develop students’ ability to understand and evaluate sources¬†
  • To develop students’ ability to express and defend their ideas and opinions verbally and in writing to an audience


I want to know more

Who will facilitate the course

She is a graduate in MA in English Language and Literature from Central Michigan University who is now focusing on guiding college-level writers in Nepal to enhance their critical and analytical reading and writing skills.

What it is about

The following course aims at helping participants in improving their academic writing, critical thinking, critical reading, and presenting abilities by providing them with the necessary skills, tools, and practice. The classes help them build confidence in English writing and general communication in English. As many aspects as possible of academic writing (and good writing practices) have been included in the classes to let the participants grow steadily and prepare them to handle the basic as well as more complex tasks of academic writing. These courses enable the participants to develop the skills necessary to evaluate sources and incorporate them in their writing without losing their own voice, and also learn to acknowledge and credit sources correctly.

The courses are designed to foster and encourage peer learning and reviewing. A part of these courses are dedicated to expressing ideas in front of others and presenting those ideas. These skills will help the student to succeed in other areas as well.